Elisa Pesapane

Exhibition Archeological Museum Haarlem/Kunstlijn Haarlem 1-9 november

In November the works of Elisa Pesapane will populate the Archeological Museum Haarlem: various monumental drawings and paintings in oil on panel – a part of Elisa Pesapane’s ‘Kissed by Aeolus’ series and three 1,5 meter high triptychs.

Two ‘Dances of Death’, based on predecessors in the genre, play the main role in this exhibition. Drawings inspired by Hans Holbeins’ Dance of Death (1538) and a large triptych in oil on panel (150cmx220cm) that is based on the fresco from the façade of the “Oratorio dei Disciplini” in Clusone (IT) by Giacomo Borleone de Buschis (1485).

The Archeological Museum Haarlem is situated in the cellar of the Vleeshal (meat-hall) , a beautiful example of Northern Renaissance building. From 1604 to the 18th century it was the only place in Haarlem where fresh meat was allowed to be sold. The ox-heads on the front of the building indicate its old function. Since 1950 the building is in use as a gallery by the Frans Hals Museum, which holds art exhibitions there under the name Museum De Hallen. The small entrance on the left of the Vleeshal leads down to the cellar, home of the Archeological Museum Haarlem.

*The exhibition is part of the Kunstlijn Haarlem on November 1st and 2nd. During the Kunstllijn  weekend, Elisa Pesapane will be present at the exhibition. Visiting hours 10.00-17.00.
*From 5-9 november the ‘Dance of Death’ drawings and triptych and The ‘Kissed by Aeolus’ panels will remain in the museum, visiting hours 13.00-17.00.
*Archeological Museum Haarlem , Grote Markt 18K, Haarlem
*INTERVIEW ELISA PESAPANE with HRLM Magazine click here

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