2004-2008 Italian language and culture, University of Leiden
1999-2004 Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague (KABK)
1997 Primary training Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam

Solo Exhibitions

2021 National Museum of Antiquities (RMO), Leiden
PARALLELLENElisa Pesapane & Jean Pierre Rawie, Meermanno Museum, 
The Hague
2020 De 51 vrouwen van Bergen, exhibition & publication,  Bergen 
2017 Le solitaire des ruines, National Museum of Antiquities, Leiden

2014 Archeological Museum Haarlem
2014 SANQUIN, Joghem Gallery 
2013  Couperus and Antiquity, National Museum of Antiquities, Leiden

2012 Heemstede Municipal Hall / Vanitas Gallery, Haarlem.  2011 Haarlem Municipal Hall.  2010 Engelmundus Church, Artist in residence, Velsen-Zuid’, ‘ The world is mainly a cage of Fools’, multidisciplinary project / VISHAL,’Nature´s Gift’ Haarlem Kunstgang, University of Leiden
/ Storing, Haarlem.  2009 TIPITINA, Kunstlijn Haarlem. 2008 TIPITINA, Kunstlijn Haarlem / SANQUIN, Joghem Gallery Amsterdam. 2007 TIPITINA, Kunstlijn Haarlem / SPRMRKT, Amsterdam, for Amsterdam INSIDE DESIGN / Kunstgang, Leiden University  2006 AMSTERDAM CITY HALL / Tipitina, Haarlem.  2005 SANQUIN, Joghem Gallery, Amsterdam.  2004 RUIM gallery, Amsterdam, duo exhibition with Iris Frederix.  2002-2003 La stanza del Re, Milan, Italy , Permanent exhibition.  2001 Main-office SHELL, Amsterdam
2001 Spaarne Gasthuis Zuid (hospital), Haarlem

Group Exhibitions 

2023 Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, Elisa Pesapane & Jeroen Hermkens
2020/21 Liefde na Auschwitz
(Love after Auschwitz), Elisa Pesapane & Arnon Grunberg, Literatuurmuseum, Den Haag
2020 Elisa Pesapane & Jeroen Hermkens
Art & Literature, Galerie Inkt, Delft
2017 Kunstenaars voor God
, group exhibition contributors of cultural-satirical magazine De God van Nederland’, Amsterdam

2017 Neusje van de Zalm‘ VISHAL, Haarlem
Biënnale“Kunst in de Heilige Driehoek”, The Netherlands.

Curator: Guus van den Hout
2016 SANQUIN Collection Jubilee exhibition,
with works by all the nominees
, exhibition for curator Bouke Bottelier

2014  Psyche en Fidessa, Louis Couperus Museum, Den Haag
2014  VISHAL,De Visafslag’, exhibition & auction by Bubb Kuyper.

2012 VISHAL, The eye of the storm.  2010 VISHAL, De Mythen van het Atelier in collaboration with Teylers Museum. Exhibition & workshop by 10 contemporary painters / VISHAL, Kunstlijn Haarlem 25 YEARS 2009 VISHAL, Haarlem / De Waag, Haarlem / Municipal Hall, Heemstede.   2008 Kunstlijn Haarlem, Phoenix 13.  2007 Noordbrabants Museum, Museum Jan van der Togt,  Kröller-Müller Museum / ‘Pa’s Meubelshow’, Haarlem.  2006 ‘VERSCHE VISCH’ , VISHAL, Haarlem / Kunstlijn Haarlem/Raadhuis voor de Kunst, Velsen-Zuid / Nutshuis & Villanuts Gallery, The Hague / LIBRERIA BOCCA, Milan, Italy / ‘Pa’s meubelshow’, Haarlem.  2005 SANQUIN, Gallery Joghem, Amsterdam / Kunstlijn Haarlem, ‘Het Hoofdkantoor’.  2004 Kunstlijn Haarlem,’de Toonzaal’ / DEPART, Spui Theater,The Hague / Final Exhibition KABK (Royal Academy), The Hague.  2001 Kunstlijn Haarlem, ‘U ziet maar’. 2000 Main theatre Rotterdam, Rotterdam Cultural capital of Europe / Fietzenfabriek, Haarlem , ‘Pa’s Meubelshow

For a wide range of projects and publications Elisa Pesapane has  worked with authors or with texts by authors and has made portraits of authors such as: Jean Pierre Rawie, Hans Dorrestijn, Hafid Bouazza, Pieter Steinz, Arnon Grunberg, Heleen van Royen, Kader Abdolah, Nelleke Noordervliet, Willem Elsschot, Vic van de Reijt, W.F. Hermans, Karel van het Reve, Louis Couperus et al.

De God van Nederland’, satirical, cultural and literary magazine:
Elisa Pesapane is a regular contributor with a two-page drawing that shows her take on the issue’s theme. In which she effortlessly combines (art)history,  literature and satire.

For privates, companies and institutions: adults, children, families, groups – but also animals.  For various projects EP potrayed  public figures such as: fashion designers Mart Visser, Tessa Koops, Sjaak Hullekes & Ilja Visser, opera singer Ernst Daniel Smid, writers Jean Pierre Rawie, Hans Dorrestijn, Hafid Bouazza, Pieter Steinz, Arnon Grunberg, Joost Zwagerman, Heleen van Royen, Kader Abdolah, Nelleke Noordervliet, Willem Elsschot, Vic van de Reijt, W.F. Hermans, Karel van het Reve, Nescio, art curator Guus van den Hout et al.


2020 Bij het Dagboek van Max de Jong, Piet Schreuders & Bob Polak,
With contribution by Elisa Pesapane, portrait of writer Max de Jong

De 51 Vrouwen van Bergen, Elisa Pesapane & Bob Polak
Graphic design by Yolanda Huntelaar/ Werkplaats Amsterdam

2019 De ontdekking van Elsschot,
Vic van de Reijt,
Published by
Uitgeverij AtheanaeumWith contribution by Elisa Pesapane ‘De toekomst van Elsschot’

2017 PARALLELLEN, Elisa Pesapane & Jean Pierre Rawie,
Published by De Carbolineum Pers, Belgium
-Drawings and poems on love and death. 

2017 DE TOEKOMST , (The future), Uitgeverij MatchBoox
Four handmade booklets in a luxury box. Essays and short stories by Hafid Bouazza, Hans Dorrestijn, Vic van de Reijt & Pieter Steinz. Concept, drawings and portraits of the authors by Elisa Pesapane

2016 ‘Kunst in Bergen (N.-H.)’,Uitgeverij MatchBoox
Four handmade miniature booklets in a luxury box: On the architecture, painting, literature , photography and other arts from Bergen (village renowned for its visual artists, writers, composers, architects et al. ) .
Bob Polak (text), Elisa Pesapane (drawings) & Yolanda Huntelaar/ Werkplaats Amsterdam (graphic design)

2014 Elisa Pesapane Collection, MatchBoox
Four handmade miniature booklets in a luxury box. Short stories by Kader Abdolah, Louis Couperus, Arnon Grunberg& Nelleke Noordervliet 
Concept, drawings and portraits of the authors by Elisa Pesapane

2013 Arabesken Magazine/ Book for 150 years Louis Couperus
Contributions by writers such as: Cees Nooteboom, Pieter Steinz, Mensje van Keulen en Elsbeth Etty et al. Contribution Elisa Pesapane: essay & drawing on ‘Psyche’

Expected- Publication on ´Couperus in Afrika´ by Hatem Bourial, Tunisian Historian & publicist. Elisa Pesapane made a series of drawings on Couperus, Carthage and the Tunis Souk area to accompany this publication.

Work in collection

National Museum of Antiquities (RMO), Leiden
-Couperus en de oudheid ‘De komedianten’, 2012, 50×40 cm
-Couperus en de oudheid ‘Iskander’, 2012, 50×40 cm
-Couperus en de oudheid‘De verliefde ezel’, 2012, 50×40 cm
-Couperus en de oudheid ‘De berg van licht’, 2012, 50×40 cm
-Couperus en de oudheid ‘Herakles’, 2012, 50×40 cm
-Le solitaire des ruines’, Humbert vindt de stèles, 2016, 50×40 cm
-Le solitaire des ruines’ Topografische zoektocht, 2016, 50×40 cm
-Le solitaire des ruines’ Expedities met Camillo Borgia, 2016, 50×40 cm

Louis Couperus Museum, the Hague
Louis Couperus’ ‘Last Morning at Tibor’ , 2012, 50×40 cm, pencil on paper

Designer Portraits – 10 Blow ups (1×1.5 m) of portraits drawings (2007) of leading Dutch designers: Mart Visser, Percy Irausquin, Ilja Visser, Daryl van Wouw, Sjaak Hullekes, Tessa Koops, Emily Hermans (MLY)

-’La danza Macabra’, 2004, 80×210 cm, oil on canvas
-‘Outside the gates of the City of Dis’, 2009, triptych,70x80cm/70x160cm, oil on panel

Otto L. Schaap Collection, Amsterdam
-Study For ‘The three graces’, 40×30 cm, pencil on paper
-Study for ‘Gluttony’ , 40×40 cm, pencil on paper

Amsterdam Municipal Collection
‘The Harlequins’ pain’, 2005, 160×130 cm, oil on canvas

Private collections
Amsterdam, Den Haag, Heemstede, Waalre, Haarlem, Leiden, Utrecht, Tilburg, Wenen, New York, Sicilië, Narni (IT), Milaan et al.


Dialogue with Arnon Grunberg, Volkskrant Magazine, Seksmail
De God van Nederland 2019: Année Erotique Elisa Pesapane helped develop the concept and content for the Année Erotique edition of Literary Magazine De God van Nederland 
article/ review in
: NRC Handelsblad

2017 I.M. Pieter Steinz for literary magazine De God van Nederland

Jaïr in goed Gezelschap/ Marlies Dekkers, NPO1,
model for dutch lingerie designer Marlies Dekkers
Sterren op het doek Dutch version of the BBC program “Star Portrait”, Hanneke Groenteman, Nederland 2

Scholarship for 10 masterclasses philosophy revolving around the festivals’ theme of the 5 senses. Modena, Italy. All participants got their scholarship by writing an article. Elisa Pesapane was the only student who got the scholarship through her artwork.

2016 SANQUIN, Collection jubilee prize, Amsterdam 

Artist in Residence
2010 Engelmundus Church, Velsen-Zuid. ‘The world is mainly a cage of Fools’, multidisciplinary project by Elisa Pesapane

Commitees Wetenschappelijk comité Leonardo da Vinci, Universiteit Padua, Italië

2009Toneelgroep Amsterdam, Poster in Haarlem for Kreon- Antigone
SHELL Global Solutions, Amsterdam, Mural 20×2 m.2001 Spaarne Gasthuis (hospital), Haarlem, Mural16x2 m. 2000 – 2003Calendar, annual project for SET-PACK, Haarlem