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Kader Abdolah, Louis Couperus, Arnon Grunberg & Nelleke Noordervliet in a Matchbox – Illustrated by Elisa Pesapane

The ‘Elisa Pesapane Collection’ for MatchBoox is now available:

Elisa Pesapane illustrated stories by Kader Abdolah, Louis Couperus, Arnon Grunberg & Nelleke Noordervliet. Four handmade booklets -each in a matchbox-in a box.

Four stories that make the reader  travel all over the World: Together with Louis Couperus and a mysterious group of Japanese ladies we chase fireflies on the moonlit coastline of the famous Ama-no-Hashidate sandbar. Kader Abdolah shares an Iranian family history; on fleeing, starting over and the passing on of family talent. With Arnon Grunberg we follow Tara, a political activist; her travels, her lovelife, her family, her house in Gent and her longing for a child. Nelleke Noordervliet takes us to the romantic Limousin region of France, to the house of emancipated writer George Sand, where both past and present are tangible. The books also contain various portraits of the writers, taking on different ‘roles’ in their own stories; that of narrator, spectator and sometimes ‘supporting actor’.

The MatchBoox Collectors edition ´The Elisa Pesapane Collection´ , or the separate booklets can be found in various bookshops, museumshops or ordered directly on www.matchboox.com


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