Elisa Pesapane

Elisa Pesapane nominated for the Sanquin Jubilee prize

Nominated for the SANQUIN jubilee prize: Three works from Elisa Pesapane’s ‘Berliner Reise’ series.
The Sanquin Collection is the oldest corporate collection in the Netherlands . Group show in Amsterdam with work from all the nominees can be visited from april 12th until june 16th at SANQUIN (Joghem Gallery) , Plesmanlaan 125, Amsterdam.

Elisa Pesapane, Triptych from 'Berliner Reise', 2015, 50x40 cm each, pencil on paper.I. Pornocrates
II. The prostitute’s and the Bataillan Pierrot’s wartime smile
(laughing at the universe and the audacity of mad ignorance)
III. Superciliousness taking a stroll in a sun-drenched Mauerpark
(All drawings: 2015, 50×40 cm, pencil on paper)

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